Diving for Fossils: Megalodon Teeth and Shark Teeth

Megalodon tooth

Did you know that some of the oldest Megalodon teeth are 23 million years old?

If you’re keen to get your hands on your own Megalodon tooth, then you’ll also be happy to know that Meg teeth can be found off the coasts of every continent, barring Antarctica. 

Although it is possible, finding your own Megalodon tooth can take a long time and a lot of patience. 

Fortunately, sifting one out of the sand isn’t the only way you can become the owner of a real Megalodon tooth. Nowadays, you can easily find Megalodon teeth for sale. However, you will need to make sure you only buy from a reputable seller, otherwise, you might be ripped off with a fake. 

Avoid this and keep reading for our top tips on finding your own Meg tooth, whether from the seabed or from a Megalodon tooth seller. 

Diving for Shark Teeth Fossils Yourself

If you have your heart set on personally unearthing a Megalodon tooth, there’s no harm in hunting for shark tooth fossils yourself. 

However, keep in mind that it’s very unlikely you’ll find any shark teeth during your first attempts. Even finding great white shark teeth is difficult. Shark teeth fossils are an even rarer find, and real Megalodon teeth are the rarest find of all. 

If you have a SCUBA certification, you can keep your eyes peeled for shark teeth on the ocean bed while out on your dives.

However, even big Megalodon teeth can be hard to spot unless you’re lucky. If you want to increase your chances of finding a megalodon tooth, you’ll need to fin along close to the sea bed, and carefully scan the bottom. 

Also, it’s best to refrain from digging or disturbing the seabed. Turning over rocks and sifting through sand can be disruptive to ocean ecology.

If you aren’t a diver, you can still look for shark tooth fossils by the shore. The best places to look are shallows, estuary mouths, and bays. 

Other Ways You Can Own Your Megalodon Tooth

If you aren’t prepared to spend hours scouring the beaches and seabed for a megalodon tooth, you can also purchase one. 

Anytime you’re looking to purchase collector quality shark teeth, it’s important to find a reputable seller that’s not going to fool you with a fake or repaired tooth. 

Make sure you go with a seller that has been in business for some time and who has a good reputation. Do your research and analyze for yourself whether they are a legitimate seller. Do they have a website, an FAQ, and an extensive range of teeth? 

Are they transparent about where the teeth come from?

Buying from random sellers on auction sites and online marketplaces can be risky. Instead, opt for an established seller. Check their online reviews to see whether previous customers were happy. We’d also recommend you only buy from sellers that provide legitimate certificates of authenticity.

There are some ways to spot real vs fake shark teeth. Real teeth usually have some imperfections and cloudiness to their coloring, although very high quality specimens do have a natural shine on the enamel. 99% of real Megalodon teeth also have a few imperfections. Real shark teeth are also cold to the touch and weighty in the hand. 

Are You Looking for Real Megalodon Teeth to Buy?

Are you looking to own a real megalodon tooth? If so, you’ve come to the right place. 

Here at The Fossil Exchange, we sell authentic megalodon teeth. All of our Meg teeth are personally recovered by our divers here off the North Carolina coast. We have never, and will never, sell fakes.

We offer certificates of authenticity, hassle-free returns, and international shipping.

Browse our collection of real Megalodon teeth today. 

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