The Fossil Exchange

The Fossil Exchange was created by 2 professional SCUBA divers with a passion for collecting Fossilized shark teeth 40 miles off the coast of North Carolina. Diving to depths of over 110ft, we recover Megalodon teeth from fossil beds on the ocean floor. The ocean conditions can be challenging, and the dangers at depth are real, but the reward is worth the risk. To hold a 5.6 Million year old tooth from the largest predator the world has ever known (Otodus Megalodon) is an experience like no other. Our Megalodon teeth and fossils come straight from the source, from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean to you!

You can rest assured that every Megalodon Tooth we sell is 100 percent real, and recovered by us. NO restorations, No alterations, and No reselling. Over the years, we have collected a wide variety of fossils ranging from affordable Megalodon teeth all the way up to the highest quality specimens in the world. We have sold our treasures around the world, and you can always buy with confidence from The Fossil Exchange.

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